In a word, joy. That is my gift; that’s what I’ve been sent here to share. As actors, we must traverse the full spectrum of human emotions. We must tune our instrument to channel whatever our characters encounter. But my central wavelength, my main frequency, is joy.

As a Jesus-loving free black man, joy is an asset. A weapon. A treasure. It buoys me on in this demanding, sometimes debilitating, industry. After seven years of higher education at four different universities with three degrees, I chose to be an actor. I view my vocation as a privilege. An honorable tradition. In this profession, I get to profess my spirit. We challenge each other to see each other more clearly and truly. It is a calling. It is a privilege. It is a joy.

Psalm 115:1

Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us. But to Your name give glory. Because of Your mercy, because of Your truth.